5 headline improvements to increase traffic and click through rate

5 ways to enhance title to get more web traffic for your written posts

How to drive traffic to your website through proper title? Here's 5 headline improvements to increase traffic and click through rate! Get more traffic from your listing and campaign!

increase site traffic and click through rate with good headline

Your headline or title is important factor for to increase traffic and click through rate. Either you are writing article and blog posts, create video, slide show presentation or sharing photos, a good title is crucial for good performance.

How to improve article headline to increase hits from search engines, social networks, social bookmarks and anywhere else? Right, a good title help to get more traffic from these sources; it is why improvements help increase considerably your performance.

Let’s talk about the importance of a good title for your website. An headline tells about the content of your creative writing. It resume in few words what user may expect to find when following the web link. It is some how the key factor to increase click through rate when your site is listed somewhere; by example:

  • when your page appears on search results.
  • When your articles are listed on social networks and social bookmarks.
  • When your article or blog post is listed on category’s and tags’ pages.
  • When your article is shown in RSS and email newsletter.
  • When an article is listed on your site as newest, related or popular article.
  • When your article is published on content discover and blog community tools.
  • and even more…

In all cases, the first thing people will see is your title or headline; Sometimes, it is a catchy title that call user to read the description and then to go to full article page. So, enhance title somehow it resumes article, call to action, promise solution to a specific problem is factors to traffic generation.

Increase traffic and click through rate from enhanced headline

Here’s 5 headlines improvements to increase traffic and click through rate! Recall that an high click through rate history improve your search engine ranking; this well written headline will still work to keep landing quality traffic!

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 1) Use long tail keyword in title

To increase click through rate on searches engines pages’ results, you must first be listed. The best way to list be listed on searches engines is to use long tail keyword; even if the Google search engine enhancement called hummingbird update the way pages are served, long tail keyword still work. As long as you follow webmasters guidelines and write in a conversational manner. In that way, you’ll use common words people use to search on the internet.

Search engine traffic popular query are catchy when used in title even if the person see it somewhere else. It tilt in mind that it is an important question and call the user to give a deeper look. So, to increase website traffic, nothing better than long tail keywords in headline.

2) Ask question people needs answers

Another method to get more web traffic is to ask questions people are looking for answer. Most web users just enter the question for which the are seeking for answers in search bar. Forums and Questions and Answers sites get most of that kind of traffic. You can benefit to by writing and article titled with the question plus the word resolved. By example:

How to write the kind of article headline that get 1 000 daily unique visits? [resolved]

That title may drive a lot of traffic for searches about how to get 1 000 daily unique visitors, how to write the great headlines and so on… They are website which make each article a how to as it is a popular way to search on the internet for solution. You can use it and another questions format to get more web traffic. Something just pasting a code error and give solution helps a lot.

3) Add number to your title

Adding number to an article headline increase trusts. Web resources are limitless; it is rare that someone is aware of all web tools. Instead of writing best ways to increase website traffic, you can write best 70 ways to increase traffic to your website.

It tells that you cover only a limited field and will explain them well in simple and concise way.

4) Write guide and tutorials

Another kind of web article that attract readers is guide and tutorials. Do you master something and want to write about it? Don’t hesitate to write an headline for it by including words like guide, tutorials, beginner guide and similar. Even expert check out those articles for diversity and new stuffs and when your article is valuable, you’ll get mention and sharing.

5) Make subject controversial

Make a tilt in your readers mind with a controversial article. That kind of article attract a lot of readers because human are curious. We can take as example:

How to write article and get less than 10 visits per month?

Steps to get your account banned on search engines!

7 mistakes most web and freelance writers make

Those kind of articles relate facts, warning and information that help to prevent a bad situation or to move on a better way.

Make those 5 headline improvements and increase traffic to your website and click through rate on search engines, social bookmarks and listing places.

Pierre Eustache

Pierre Eustache C. is the owner and chief editor at heedpages.com! He shares his interests and experiences about internet marketing, money making methods and program reviews, web tools and even more related topics.

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